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July 4, 2022
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Everyone knows what you mean when you say something is “a bit of a Frankenstein”. The word alone conjures images of an inert body on a slab, an unhinged doctor, a stormy thunderous night. So many programmes, businesses and software projects aim to be Disney princesses but end up as “a bit of a Frankenstein” What emerges is the stuff of nightmares and comedy alike. An unlikely friend or a fiend? A creature that comes about by crazed design and accident. Not pretty to look at. It will just about stand on its feet and hobble along but it’s stitched together by pieces meant for greatness elsewhere, crudely functional but in no way attractive, elegant or, hand on heart, what we set out to do. And that’s pretty much what we mean when we describe banking systems, projects, or business lines as a bit of a Frankenstein. A lot of programmes, a lot of businesses, a lot of software projects start off aiming for the Disney princess status and end up with those dodgy scars across a strangely flattened head. Somewhere along the way, compromise became inevitable. Budgets became strained or politics swing away from the project’s needs so pieces of old kit have to be reused, legacy code can’t be grandfathered or, prosaically, time runs out and some bits simply have to be forced to work despite originally ambitious plans of transformation. We’ve been there a lot over the years. Recycling bits. Reusing old parts. Building new dreams with the…

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