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December 8, 2021
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Top ten fintech opinion pieces in 2018

And what’s your view?

Great minds share their views and ideas on all things fintech. Here is a compilation of the top opinion pieces in 2018:

Big boy problems: the challenger banks’ challenge
By Leda Glyptis, FinTech Futures’ resident thought provocateur and chief of staff at 11:FS

In the disruption era, disintermediation is the big boys’ loss for sure, but not necessarily the disruptors’ gain.

The blockchain emperor has no clothes
By Dr Stephen Norman, banking technologist turned crime writer

The only, tangential benefit that I can see from this invention is that the hype around it has encouraged folks to think out of the box and across the supply chain and geographical borders. So there are lots of adventurous, cross-industry initiatives starting up that wouldn’t otherwise. But they stand more chance of delivering if they hold onto the vision and drop this ridiculous architecture.

The age of the generalist is now
By Howard Crisp

By confining enterprise architecture to the realms of IT we limit the study of systems to only those things considered to be under the control of IT. We build models of instruments used for soil analysis but forget about the atmosphere the soil is lying under and the people daily treading it underfoot.

How we banked a billion people and what to do next
By Kabir Kumar, head of policy and ecosystem building for the impact investing firm Omidyar Network

Financial inclusion has advanced where governments have prioritised it.

The relegated bank – a positive scenario?
By Periklis Thivaios, partner, True North Partners

Bank executives should actively consider the “relegated bank” scenario as a potential option to be pursued to survive the disruptive wave of fintech and bigtech.

The reality of a UK fintech doing business in China
By Abe Smith, founder and CEO, Dealflo

Speaking from experience, there are three key areas that UK fintechs need to focus on if they want to launch in China.

What is the India Stack and why is it no longer the dream it used to be?
By Devie Mohan, fintech advisor and analyst

The good, the bad and the ugly of the India Stack (or Aadhaar Stack).

I’ve spent nothing on marketing!*
By Liz Lumley, director of fintech and content, VC Innovations and FinTechTalents

The efforts that yield the best results are the ones that are thought through and consistent.

Industry alignment or industry confusion – what is a financial institution?
By Richard Buckle, founder and CEO of Pyalla Technologies

There will be unintended consequences, naturally, as some financial institutions fail to realise the upside benefits and will miss the opportunity to bring new financial products to market, but overall, the more industries morph and overlap and add-value to their relationships with their customers, the better.

How to finance your tech business – balancing equity and debt
By Rosh Wijayarathna, MD and head of Silicon Valley Bank Global’s corporate technology practice in the UK

In a sustained low interest rate environment, the attractive yields of conventional VC and PE are now starting to be disrupted by newer sources of capital such as corporate venturing, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and sovereign funds.

Top ten fintech opinion pieces in 2018
Top ten fintech opinion pieces in 2018

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