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May 7, 2009. In searching the web I found the following links that have a massive of information on rear end widths and wanted to share. Fabcraft also offered complete components for the differential, including all necessary bearings, seals, shims, limited-slip clutches, solid spacers, and crush sleeves, as well as beautifully refurbished OE parts. Add Width to compensate for drums as follows: 4" - 5" for small cars 5" - 6" for intermediate cars 6" - 8" for large cars . Under the hood, Pontiac installed a 2.5 . Rear Wheel: Production Years for Series : 1964 - 1967 : Price : $2,437-$3,095: Weight : 3015 lbs | 1367.581 kg: Performance. Length, GM 8.2 in. ends with widths ranging from 58"- 62". Needle BUILD IT YOURSELF - PARTS LISTS BUSHINGS TO ADAPT TUBE SIZE . . 1967 Pontiac GTO - Wheel & Tire Sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims specs | Snap On vs Daytona, Pittsburgh, ESCO, Husky, More. It may not display this or other websites correctly. endstream endobj 19 0 obj<> endobj 21 0 obj<> endobj 22 0 obj<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 23 0 obj<> endobj 24 0 obj<> endobj 25 0 obj[/ICCBased 36 0 R] endobj 26 0 obj<> endobj 27 0 obj<> endobj 28 0 obj<>stream I came up with a cheap simple method to confirm the results of the measurement taken with the loose wheels. I'm sorry if I repeated what I've learned to accept as fact, but there are other reasons besides what I've read that have convinced me that '64/'65 housings are narrower than the '66/'67. trailer Mercury Capri/Bobcat, Monte Carlo, Regal, etc. If you would like to compare the fit with a couple of different widths build your wooden rear end for the narrower width and then add shims to the ends to change the width. It'll help you sniff out the right parts and will walk you through building the differential for your gasser project. Rim Width Measure from the inside of the outer lip at the bead seating point to the inner lip. 6 lug rear end 12 bolt Coil spring set up Possible gear ratio's 3.70. By designing ring-and-pinion sets to fit the previously less-attractive, but more available, Series II OE carriers, performance ratios could now be utilized without the need for an unfavorable ring-gear spacer. We provide how-to and technical articles, vehicle and build features and examples, plus calculators and lookups that will help you get your ride from dream to driver. So what we are left with is this: A fully capable, period-correct, brute of a differential with complete aftermarket support. . '72 Cougar, '74 Pontiac '49 Plymouth, '61 Chevrolet Impala '65 Cadillac, '66 Buick Wildcat '66-67 Chevrolet Big Car, '72 Charger '69 Oldsmobile 88, '72 Chrysler I guess 66 will work too, but I don't have any way to verify this, nor any more information for you. Ford. 70 2wd 6 lug rear end 12 bolt Possible gear ratio's %%EOF According to an old article, Inside '64 -- '72 A-Bodies, (Car Craft Magazine), 1967 was a transition year in that A-body cars might have a 1964-66 style rear end, a 1968-72 rear end (which is wider, and commonly available), or a "hybrid" rear end, which will have the 60.5-inch width, but with the early spring mounting pad and trailing arm . '67 to '70 Mustang/Cougar 8 cyl. There are three different third-member castings, but all will install into any '57-'64 Pontiac/Olds housing. The pinion shaft diameter is 1.625 inches and will have either 28 or 30 splines. Actual wheel track could be as much as 6" to 8"depending on drum size: '67 to '70 Mustang/Cougar 6 cyl. All but a few of the old factory limited-slips had been gathered up and beaten to death. Drag Racing 101 ~ Everything You Need to Know! charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor. The Borg-Warner HD rear end was dropped and replaced with the old 7.625 (7 5/8) inch rear end. Registered: 16 years ago. 3.08. The non C-clip 8.5" 10 bolt, type "C" rearend was used in some 1969-'72 Pontiac GP and 1970-'72 Monte Carlo. '67 Chevrolet big car Floor jack permits you to raise and lower wheels to check for clearance. '72 Charger Pontiac/Olds rearends had been widely used full width under Gassers and other cars and even though lots of slingshot dragster pilots had their legs draped over a narrowed version, custom-width rearends were seldom seen in other applications and almost never under a street car. Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance disc brake systems. 0000006068 00000 n '69 Nova I'm not sure of the '73 Ventura, '65 Ram American A period gasser can be built by scrounging swap meets, salvage yards, and the Internet for many of the components necessary to complete a genuine example of one of the dominant race cars from the 1950s, '60s and '70s. Bigger engines introduced in both Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs for 1959 prompted the second generation of these rearends with 31-spline axles, which were reportedly 22 percent stronger than the previously used 29-spline shafts. As a result, many tribute cars and gasser-inspired builds had to stray from correctness. The Dana rear end is a bolt in swap for the both the 8 3/8 and the 9 1/4, all rear ends can be had with the same size u joint yokes, vans are good place to. '72 Cougar I'm running the wider blazer rear end . Rusty but Rare 1976 Chevy K10 Sport Truck Revival! Professional technical support is available . Pontiac labeled theirs Safe-T-Trac while Oldsmobile called it Anti-Slip. 5E med-duty 4-pinion. This number may be on the top, bottom, or either side of the axle shaft. All correct GM codes and part numbers. 1990 to 1992: 7.625 inch ring gear, 28 spline axle. Approximate rear end widths measured from backing plate to backing plate. They're tough, right? xref '62 Buick Skylark, '67 Chevrolet Six Valves. In 1958 a good thing got better when limited-slip differentials were offered. You bring the gumption. I am using a 62' Olds rear in my 61' Bel Air and it is 1" wider that the stock Bel Air rear. This information will change as further information and corrections become available. Shop Full Width; Shop With Sidebar; . 18 0 obj<> endobj } var I=new Image(1,1); I.src=u; of extensive information was contributed by R. Welch: Original Vehicles Chrysler sent out the last of its 8.75-inch rearends in the early '70s. jack39rdstr # 169783 04/02/10 02:03 PM. 60" 60's GMC and some Chevy's Dana 44 or Dana 60 with leaf springs 6 lug, Gear ratio's 3.21 to 3.92. %twE_( H@v7H f)p* 0KO|O n>+ Advance Design Trucks seem to be using rear ends with widths ranging from 58"- 62". Additionally, it can be a relatively affordable way to enjoy a day at the track. [ July 26, 2022 ] Reversing Gears ~ Rescuing One's Own Derelict 1967 Pontiac GTO Builds and Examples [ July 24, 2022 ] . Calculating the torque multiplication that your axle gears provide is quite easy. For instance, if both the engine and transmission deliver up to 100 ft./lbs. For many years prior, Olds and Pontiac differentials had been a dominant rear axle in drag racing and other motorsports. . The P/O rearend and parts were getting harder to find and there were more Ford 9-inchers being made every day. Wheel Stud *. lx ?ZXj^|\\(|ka(XKIg#+ 66-69 axle does not include 64 65 . The new P/O 9.3-inch immediately found its way into hot rods and race cars. Plywood pieces work well for shims. AXLE DIFF 4X4 FRONT DIFF PARTS AXLE DIFF REAR END PARTS . Demand exceeded supply, so after several years of planning, designing, and prototyping, Fabcraft Metalworks teamed up with a major U.S. manufacturer to produce a brand new, extreme-duty limited-slip differential for the 9.3-inch called the Trophy Track. the wider housing is not 1" closer to 3/4 . The total width of the Chevy II rear end is 58 inches and the total width of a '67 to '69 Camaro rear end is 60 inches. The housing came in a couple of weeks but without the axles. Billet-steel yokes and carrier caps could be added to make the 9.3-inch nearly bomb-proof. Pontiac Differential Codes Year Model Rear Ratio Tooth Count Std Code Posi Code 1970 Big Pontiac 2.56 41/16 UC VC 1970 Big Pontiac 2.73 41/15 UD VD 1970 Big Pontiac 2.93 41/14 UE VE 1970 Big Pontiac 3.23 42/13 UG VG 1970 Big Pontiac 3.42 41/12 UH VH 1970 Firebird 2.73 41/15 CRX CRY function SiteStats_3379(){ Lincoln Versailles, Regal with 10 bolt axle, S-10 P.U., 65-67 Nova. . The now famous Ford 9-inch, with it's unique, straddle mounted pinion, offered great strength for its weight, but even the heavy-duty nodular-iron version suffered from weaknesses that the 9.3-inch did not. The dana pinion stands forward about 2" more than the 9 1/4, the driveshaft will need to be shortened accordingly. '67 Chevrolet Six The 55-57 Chevy car rear-end is almost a bolt in, the perches need to be relocated to the top of the housing though. This assembly used an 8.2-inch ring gear diameter and 28-spline axles for Camaros, Chevelles, Impalas and even the early Chevy II's. This method will work but the wheels are always trying to roll away and tip over making it very hard to check for clearance and be sure that your measurements are correct . '72 Chrysler. User Info. The Pontiac/Oldsmobile 9.3-inch is your axle. 0000002277 00000 n It's not to the same level as a concours-correct restoration; no judge will deduct points for an incorrect paint code. BOP, Pontiac, Each. Like most american muscle cars of the Day the Pontiac GTO was a front engined rear wheel driven car. 0000002004 00000 n By 1965 GM replaced the 9.3 with a Spicer design using an 8.875-diameter ring gear that mounted the internals in the axle housing rather than a separate carrier. If it has the original Borg Warner posi then it is stronger than the Chevy 10 bolt. of torque to the pinion gear and the gear ratio of the ring-and-pinion is say 4.12:1, the output torque is 412 ft./lbs. What is the width of a 1959 pontiac rear end? note 64 64 axle is same. Compared to the Ford, the P/O parts were more expensive. PY Online Forums - Bringing the Pontiac Hobby Together, Classic TECH- specs, codes, resto issues FORUMS. Approximate rear end widths measured from backing plate to backing plate. . Stop listening to your street rodder buddy and back away from the 9-inch. HVMo0WJ~H|V`-e)6`!$)=-~6x@h1|o Look at the RPO codes. while a folding bench was standard for the rear passengers. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We'll work to keep you motivated and informed and with industry news, product information and reviews, event coverage, and well-curated articles and stories intended to inspire and educate. Find your GMC/Chevy vehicle in the chart below and click on the illustration for a larger view. HVr0*u9$K;IG]&U&"x\s. I just measured my 60' Pontiac and it is the same as my 62' Pontiac. . Other changes were made to the limited-slip carrier, but strength was not adversely affected. S10. 70 2wd 6 lug rear end 12 bolt Possible gear ratio's 3:08, 3:40, 3:73 70-81 4wd 6 lug reared 71- Newer 2wd trucks use a 5 on 5 lug pattern 71-76 Full Size Cars " "" "" ". Popular Automatic Transmission Identification Chart; Rear-End Widths of Classic American Cars; Follow Us on Flipboard . mars in aquarius unpredictable,