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March 2, 2024
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Employees want good tech and flexibility but stick with their own fixed desk

Almost two-thirds of those staff (60 percent) say inadequate technology is the biggest productivity blocker at work and by failing to do its job properly it is making life difficult for employees. This frustration trumps unnecessary bureaucracy, inefficient processes and annoying colleagues – other factors that stop employees from being productive, claims research from Cloud-Booking. The research suggests that the digital piece of the employee experience puzzle is more prominent  and important than expected – it is in fact the single most important factor with 90 percent of UK office workers who said efficient technology is important to their overall experience. Currently fewer than one in ten UK employees are “extremely satisfied” with their workplace experience, indicating there is significant room for employers to improve it by delivering better technological resources. However, despite wanting to embrace more flexible working, staff still prefer their own fixed desk.

The physical environment has emerged as a common source of friction too. 85 percent of employees consider the work environment critical to job satisfaction and a lack of space can cause negative experiences for 70 percent of employees. With nearly three quarters (71 percent) of employees considering 9-5 hours outdated, it’s not surprising that the ability to choose the location and hours of working is important to the majority (78 percent).

The report also highlights:

  • Almost all of those surveyed (93 percent) say that technology is the single most powerful factor affecting workplace experience
  • More than a third (38 percent) of workers say obstructive colleagues are obstructing their ability to get their job done and the same proportion cited inefficient processes
  • 28 percent say unnecessary bureaucracy gets in the way of work
  • 18 percent complain about the amount of time wasted during, or travelling to, meetings
  • 14 percent highlighted the anxiety caused by lengthy commutes and transport delays faced each day

A lack of trust on the part of employers will have to change in the future, as 89 percent of employees think an important part of a good workplace experience is to be trusted to manage their own schedule to get the job done. Despite favoring more flexible working, staff maintain a strong attachment to their own physical workspace, with 83 percent considering  their personal workspace – their desk and the immediate surroundings – to be important to their overall workplace experience. In fact a permanent desk was the most popular feature that employees would include in their ideal workplace.

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Employees want good tech and flexibility but stick with their own fixed desk
Employees want good tech and flexibility but stick with their own fixed desk
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