Math To Data Science- How To Make The Phenomenal Leap

The leap from simple math to data science is a phenomenal one, but it is worth trying because it can open a world of opportunities for you. Data scientists are making it big, which means you can make big money with this academic transition. The industry is opening up to Big Data technologies, and the scope is all set to grow in the future. But before you take the first step, you must have a fair idea of the journey you will have to navigate to explore the opportunity. Here are some tips that can help you take this transitional step successfully.  Knowledge matters more than formal education If you look forward to grow your skills with innovative technologies like Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning, focus on knowledge rather than formal education. There isn’t a standard roadmap to follow when it comes to education and career graphs. However, a math degree gives you a definite edge as you already know concepts like identity matrix, inverse matrix, statistics, and coding. Once you have a solid foundation, you can easily consolidate by enhancing your knowledge as you study or even join the workforce. There are plenty of opportunities beyond the college, such as websites, online degrees, and more. You only need to look at the right places. Clarity of the technicalities sets you up for success  Data science includes myriad skills and subjects, from mathematics to statistics, coding, programming, and analytics. Technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Cassandra, Business Intelligence, and visualization tools take…
Math To Data Science- How To Make The Phenomenal Leap

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